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The Institute of Narrative Therapy has been established to support the highest standards of practice, teaching and research into narrative therapy. It acts as a central regulated body of knowledge and expertise, offering information and consultation about narrative therapy training and supervision.

The Institute aims to contribute to the regulation of the profession and enhance the standards in psychotherapy through increased provision of good quality skill-based training courses.

Training courses accredited to The Institute of Narrative Therapy share uniform standards, levels, entry requirements and qualifying criteria.

The Institute of Narrative Therapy offers INT accredited courses at Level One, Level Two and Level Three. The Institute also offers a Diploma in Narrative Therapy.

Members of the Institute share a commitment to the dissemination of professional and academic texts, papers and teaching materials and to the promotion of research and critical debate in relation to evidence-based practice approaches.

The Institute supports the extension of research into particular areas of practice.

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APEL Route to Masters in Narrative Therapy

We are pleased to announce that the Institute’s Diploma in Narrative Therapy will be accepted by the University of Melbourne/Dulwich Centre as exempting holders from the first two modules of their Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work.  This means that students undertaking the Masters will only need to visit Australia once in order to complete the Masters and will save considerably on both course fees and travel etc.  We think that this will be an appealing route to many people wishing to study for the Masters.

Further details from either or


A summer of Narrative feasts!

Three stunning narrative events for you to choose between - or come to all three of course!

First our own Summer School, June 26th-27th, at the beautiful Art House, in the east end of London.  Improve your skills in narrative practice, or come as a beginner with the possibility of attending four linked workshops which give a coherent introduction to Narrative Therapy;  or pick and choose.  Click here for details including the programme.

Second, following on from the European conferences in Brighton in 2009 and Copenhagen in 2012, there is the 3rd Europe+ Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work in Iasi (pronounced Yash) in Romania, July 2nd – 4th.  We are now Europe+ as we welcome Palestine and Israel to the Consultative Committee for the first time.  This will be an opportunity to hear stories of post communism and the struggles of Romania to achieve democracy and economic well-being.  Details at the conference website,

Finally, Working to Recovery Ltd are presenting The Healing Power of Narrative:  untangling psychosis, a two day conference at York on July 7th – 8th.  The conference brings together healers from a wide range of traditions including Native American and Maori and sounds like it will be a very stimulating event.  Details at 


Narrative therapy and working with the effects of trauma:

Scaffolding to preferred narratives from the starting points of meaning, action and affect

Sarah Walther

with Sarah Walther

"The workshop will be rigorous, fast paced and include opportunities for skill development, however attendance does not require a prior knowledge of narrative therapy."


Cost: £165 + VAT


November 27th & 28th



New Videos

Watch some all-new videos on our videos page:

Evidence, Outcomes and Michael White's positioning ideas by Mark Hayward

Externalising conversations: Statement of Position map 1 by Mark Hayward

Using Narrative ideas in Supervision by Hugh Fox

Download our 2013/2014 flyer

Our new flyer contains all of our course dates and details for 2013 and 2014 so far. Download it here.


Video interview with Sarah Walther

A video interview with Sarah Walther is now available on our website courtesy of YouTube.  In the interview, Sarah Walther talks about using narrative therapy in the homes and communities of the people she works with in an area north of Manchester, UK.

The video is available here and on the Papers and Resources page.

This interview is released to coincide with the publication of Sarah's paper 'Narr-anthropology', which is available in both French and English. The paper is to be published in Context magazine in November 2013 and will then be available on the resources page of this web site;  the French version is the opening chapter of a book, details of which may be found here.


Training dates for 2014

The 2014 training programme is now available here on the website. As well as the levels 1 & 2 and the Level 3 Diploma modules we have a number of one-day workshops. Following the success of our 2013 Summer School in Manchester we are organising a 2014 Summer School in London. This will be on June 26th & 27th with pre-School workshops on June 25th. Further details TBA.


Summer School, Manchester, June 25th - 27th

We are firming up an exciting programme for the Summer School with keynotes and a choice of workshops each morning and afternoon. As well as the Summer School itself there will be one day Pre-School workshops on June 25th.

We expect to be able to post a detailed programme shortly, so watch this space!

Click here for all the latest information.


Change to time scale for completion of Diploma

Due to the current economic situation it has been difficult for people wishing to achieve the Diploma
in Narrative Therapy to complete all the required Level 3 modules within the set timeframe. We
have therefore extended the period for completion of five Level 3 modules to four years.


Family Process names Absent but Implicit paper one of their ‘most impactful’

Family Process, the leading journal of family therapy, has named a paper co-authored by Sarah Walther, from The Institute of Narrative Therapy, with Maggie Carey of Narrative Practices Adelaide, as one of their 50 most influential papers.

The paper; The Absent but Implicit: a map to support therapeutic enquiry, was first published in Family Process in 2009 and can be accessed on the papers and resources page of this website.    

Sarah is a director and teaching faculty member of the Institute of Narrative Therapy and you can see her teaching about the Absent but Implicit as part of our Summer School in July 2013.

Sarah will also be teaching a one day pre summer school seminar on 10th July, in which she will share developments in narrative practices which respond to the effects of trauma. These developments include ways of working with bodily and physical responses and Sarah will   introduce an additional framework for narrative practice: The Landscape of Affect.  


Narrative Network UK

We are please to announce the launch of the Narrative Network UK.  This is a page on our website where narrative practitioners can put information about themselves and invite contact from other practitioners.

Many people have spoken to us about the difficulties of being the only narratively trained person in a given work setting and the Narrative Network is a response to this.  We hope that the Narrative Network may enable narrative practitioners to find other like minded people who either have similar interests or who are local to them.  We also hope it will contribute to a strengthening of the narrative community in the UK and may be enable people to get together for projects that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  We hope that you will find Narrative Network UK helpful.

Why not visit the Narrative Network UK page now and become an inaugural member!


Level 3 courses

We can now announce a new training programme for 2012. Level 3 modules offer an opportunity for students to study narrative therapy and practice at an advanced level. There are five Level 3 modules, each focusing on specific aspects of narrative practice and skill development. Participants who complete Level 3 modules will receive a Certificate in Advanced Narrative Practice.

For more information click here


The Diploma in Narrative Therapy

The Diploma in Narrative Therapy is a modular training programme, offering students an intensive and rigorous training in advanced narrative practice. The diploma consists of the five Level 3 modules plus an additional Practice Assessment Module, creating multiple contexts for skills practice and to develop thorough understandings of the orientations, ethics and practices of Narrative Therapy. Participants who complete the Diploma programme are eligible for Associate Membership of The Institute of Narrative Therapy.

For more information about the Diploma click here


Papers and resources

We are continuing to expand our collection of papers available to read on the website, including those from the recent special Narrative Therapy edition of Context.

Please click here to view. We welcome contributions to this growing resource.

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