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The Institute of Narrative Therapy has been established to support the highest standards of practice, teaching and research into narrative therapy. It acts as a central regulated body of knowledge and expertise, offering information and consultation about narrative therapy training and supervision.

The Institute aims to contribute to the regulation of the profession and enhance the standards in psychotherapy through increased provision of good quality skill-based training courses.

Training courses accredited to The Institute of Narrative Therapy share uniform standards, levels, entry requirements and qualifying criteria.

The Institute of Narrative Therapy offers INT accredited courses at Level One, Level Two and Level Three. The Institute also offers a Diploma in Narrative Therapy.

Members of the Institute share a commitment to the dissemination of professional and academic texts, papers and teaching materials and to the promotion of research and critical debate in relation to evidence-based practice approaches.

The Institute supports the extension of research into particular areas of practice.

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4th Europe+ Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, Barcelona

Initial information and call for workshops for this conference are now available at  The dates are July 7th - 9th with pre-conference workshops on July 6th - 7th.  Barcelona will be a great place for Europe+ conference and we are sure this event will have a real buzz!


New section: Other Events

This page is a space that is open to anybody who would like to advertise an event that is related to Narrative Therapy. Check out the latest events here.


APEL Route to Masters in Narrative Therapy

We are pleased to announce that the Institute’s Diploma in Narrative Therapy will be accepted by the University of Melbourne/Dulwich Centre as exempting holders from the first two modules of their Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work.  This means that students undertaking the Masters will only need to visit Australia once in order to complete the Masters and will save considerably on both course fees and travel etc.  We think that this will be an appealing route to many people wishing to study for the Masters.

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